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On this page, I attempt to link to other places where you can find articles or video footage of my projects. It’s in a constant state of out-of-date. If you know of an article featuring me in some way, shoot me an email!


A fitness podcast where we challenged ourselves to do P90X and reveal all, publicly disclosing our hardships and successes.





Microsoft Windows 8

In 2011 I was one of the Windows 8 App interns. I did not attend the BUILD conference but you can see me in the video shown during Steve Sinofsky’s Keynote Speech. Someone has thoughtfully snipped it and you can see it here:

VR Therapy Paint

One of my first projects was an augmented reality game for therapy patients. The system was a prototype designed to help people who are recovering from strokes by giving them fun games to play. These activities had to be rewarding but still possible to play with limited motor control over the arms and hands. Our prototype was a still life painting which used passive tactile feedback, head tracking, and stereo vision. See it in motion at Otronicon.

Later, this projected was updated to be used with the Sony Move. I can take no credit for the implementation, which was done by Arun Kulshreshth. Sony included us in their promotional video on Move.Me. Check it out!

Video Editing

In 2006 I began to experiment with video editing, more to prove that I was capable of doing it than anything else. So far I’ve produced two slideshow videos and three animated music videos for fandom purposes. Video editing is fun and very rewarding, but somehow manages to take even more time than costume making! I have around eleven unfinished works, but have decided to prioritize making costumes instead at the moment.

Recently I’ve been experimenting again with creating small video blogs and videos of the dog being peculiar.